Troubleshooting guide

In case of not being able to solve an issue or find the root cause - please contact CageEye tech support:

Observed problem



Observed problem



CageEye solution is offline

  1. Power outage on barge.

  2. No Internet.

  1. On site: check if the CageEye server has power.

  2. On the barge: Check that you have internet. Ex by going to

    1. Verify that the CageEye server/router is plugged into the switch/router. If it is, and there is still an issue: re-plug it.

No echograms / sensors offline

  1. Power outage on cage/s

  2. Network issue

  3. Placement issue

  1. Check that the cage has power by:

    1. See if there are lights on in the cage cabinet.

    2. Check fuses in the power distribution cabinet.

    3. Check the cable between CPU and the cage antenna, try to reset it.

  2. Try to restart barge antenna

    1. Verify that the barge antenna points in the correct direction.

  3. Check that sensors are hanging correctly in the cage.

Cyclic pattern on echogram

  1. Missing data from the accelerometer

  1. Power cycling the echosounder

No connection to the feeding system

  1. Power issue

  2. Network issue

  1. Check that feeding system is online and working properly.

  2. Contact your IT department and ask if the CageEye server and the feeding system are on the same subnet.