EN Installation on Barge

Step 1: Bluegrove Server

In the illustration below is a diagram showing how the Bluegrove Server is installed.

Step 1.1

Connect the power to a power socket.

Step 1.2

Connect the network cable from the server to the barge network as directed by the farmer it.

The “Port Y” is specified by Bluegrove. Sometimes it will be a specific port.

Step 2: Barge antenna (Ubiquity Rocket AC)

Step 2.1:

Find a post on the roof where the rocket can be mounted.
Requirements are:

  1. Free line of sight to all cages

  2. Post diameter: <80mm

  3. If the angle between the cages, seen from the post is more than 100 degrees, we need a second rocket (See illustration) 

Step 2.2

Mount the rocket to the post. Set the tilt to 0 degrees. Turn the rocket so it is facing the center of all cages that have equipment installed.

Step 2.3


Set the PoE-Cable (Network Cable) inside the “PoE/Main”-port on the rocket AC.

Pull the other end of the PoE-Cable inside the barge so it reaches the barge network (often referred to as the “server-room” or “office”).

Step 2.4

Connecting the Rocket:
1x network cable goes between rocket and PoE-injector (Follows in the same package as the rocket)

  • On Rocket: Connect to “PoE/Main port”

  • On PoE-injector: Connect to “PoE”

  1. Connect a network cable from PoE-injector to your barge network

  • On PoE-injector: Connect to “LAN”- port

  • On your barge network: Described by us or your network manager.

Step 2.5

The other end of the LAN/Ethernet cable shall be plugged into a dedicated port from the customer server/EdgeRouterX/Switch. (Or something else we have determined)

Step 2.6

In co-op with Bluegrove employee you can measure the signal strength between rocket and bullets, and verify that the signal strength is approved for operation.