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a Handover is a list of events that happened, problems or things that need to be fixed and that the current feeder updates before sending it to the next one in charge, this is done in order to be aligned, transparent and make sure no relevant information is lost on the way.

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New information:

Weekend worker: Anne-Marit

  • Feeding started on Krigsholmen here are the necessary links: Echofeeding, Grafana, Feeding Log.

  • Meal schedule is found below

    • Start intensity 2kg/min.

    • Max intensity 6kg/min.


  • 'Lavt trykk' (Low pressure) alarm in the morning causing the first meal to be delayed by 30m. (29.05)

  • Camera adjustments:

    • Spreader camera moved down a lot. (unspecified depth atm). (31.05)



Min./Stop intensity


Min./Stop intensity




New information:

Weekend worker: Anne-Marit

  • Cage 5 is starving until delivery(probably won't empty the cage as prices are down now)

  • Change feeding strategy:

    • Cages 2+3+4 stick to 2 meal strategy, but very strict 2nd meal so no pellets are found. If there is no response or pellets are seen, stop right away! Maintenance for now.

    • Be very aware on M4 that has had pellets found the last days, be extra strict there

    • Cage 1 continue feeding as it is, but feed careful and we keep an eye and take decisions based on the fish, if they start acting like the others, we adjust to that and have them as the others

    • Cage 6 goes down  to 1 meal/day strategy

    • Cage 5 go to 1 meal/day strategy when/if they are feeding again


  • Hydraulic leak on the boat so they were delayed. (31.05)

  • Tilt issue is back for cage 1, so we’re losing the echograms quite often. (31.05)

    • Gøran is working on it with Anne Marit. You can find updates here.

  • Fixed camera positions in cage 2 and lowered spreader camera in cage 3. (27. & 28.05)


  • We’re going to avoid using EF and FA4 in combination, from now on we use only echofeeding and fluctus.


  • Appetite started coming back a bit in some of the cages (1 cage, 4, and 5 and 6 in particular). (29.05)

Cage 1:

  • Appetite seem to have started to come back, no pellets found in lift-up and the fish are swimming way higher up in the water.

  • Could be because of PD that they suddenly started eating a lot.

Cage 2:

  • Appetite still low, but increasing a bit.

  • 2307 deadfish taken the 31.05(!)

Cage 3:

  • Appetite is a bit on and off. Utilize cameras as much as you can to spot pellets as it’s difficult when they’re swimming so deep to use echograms reliably.

  • Both cameras are valuable for spotting pellets here.

Cage 4:

  • Appetite seems to have gotten a bit better here.

  • Strict tolerance: Pellets seen in camera means you should reduce intensity / stop the meal.

Cage 5:

  • Starving after last meal on Friday.

Cage 6:

  • Relatively good appetite recently.

    • You will probably see some pellets during the start of the meals.

  • Mortality is still a bit high, so don’t push them uneceesarily hard.

Relevant information:

Keep updating dates whenever camera positions are changed.

  • M1: Spreader: 10m, Side 12m

  • M2: Spreader 9m, Side 10m (27.05)

  • M3: Both cameras 10m (28.05)

  • M4: Spreader 9m, side 8m. (15.05)

  • M5: Spreader 12m, side 12m

  • M6: Spreader 10m, side 10m (12.05)

Recurring problems

  • Cage 3: Have to refresh the echograms every minute to see the green line, the activity under the spreader.


Min./Stop intensity


Min./Stop intensity
















(22.05) photo of siloes



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