EN System removal (partly and completely)

Step 6

During operation the equipment will likely be partly removed for operations such as de-licing or similar.
This is a guide based on our experience.

This guide can also be used for complete removal of the equipment at the end of a cycle.

Step 6.1

Before you start the system will look like shown in the illustration above. Follow the steps for partly de-assembly of the equipment. There is alot of coils, and we recommend to make big coils (Diameter). Tape/strips the coils along the way if needed, this will make it easy to handle- and re-deploy.

Note! The steps are connected to the figure.

Step A: Untie the knot (PS! Secure the end so it does not fall in the water)

Step B: Consider the power cable and ropes as one unit, and make a coil as you pull it in. Pull the yellow floater to the cage. Attach the coil to the cage.

Step C: Consider the power cable and ropes as one unit, and make a coil as you pull it in. Pull the bottom-mounted-sensor to the surface. Attach the coil to the cage

Step D (Optional): Untie the elastic ropes. Stand where point B is on the illustration. Fetch both ropes, and consider them as one unit. Pull it towards the cage, and attach the finished coil to the cage.

The finished result should look like illustrated below.

Step 6.2 - Complete removal of the CageEye system

Take a rope through the center of all coils (See illustration above) including the unmarked power cable. You can now consider it as one big coil. We recommend two people for carrying the coil, one person for the sensors, and one for the ropes and cables.

Ship sensors and cage cabinets for Servicing by CageEye

Equipment is sent to CageEye’s service partner:
Odd Ivar Vikan, Norseaqua AS
Sørfjordvegen 5
7989 Terråk.
Tel: ‭416 18 629‬

Mark shipment with the form provided by CageEye.

Always secure connectors with the protective caps.